Stream from iPad DJ Apps to Sonos. iDJ2 & Traktor. INSTANT PARTY

  • 3 August 2013
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This seems like a no brainer to me. DJ Apps on the iPad are great, but sound output is limited, you have to be cabled. I Believe if this was a reality i would have already bought 2 more play 5 to replace my wired amp & speaker set up. Streaming the output from these apps to a multi room event would be a match made in heaven, its what Sonos set out to do isnt it? Then think of the commercial application, bars, clubs, open ipad night... THATS A FREEBIE BUT IM AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION 😉 Thank you & please support this idea. Matt ...and why not any laptop app come to mention, Logic, gargeband, reason, ableton etc etc - This could be big.

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28 replies

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Not sure if the apps support Airplay or not, but that could now be an option with certain Sonos speakers that have Airplay support. Not sure what kind of delay there might be in using Airplay for such a capability though.
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Yes, please. Djs we need to decide about our speakers. Does Sonos be a speaker also for DJs? This is the way
No, Sonos does not purport to be a good speaker for DJs, due to the delay required by the system in order to get the music to play on all connected speakers at the same time. It's that 70ms delay (or longer, depending on settings) that makes Sonos a particularly poor choice for DJ and loudspeaker use.