Stream from iPad DJ Apps to Sonos. iDJ2 & Traktor. INSTANT PARTY

  • 3 August 2013
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This seems like a no brainer to me. DJ Apps on the iPad are great, but sound output is limited, you have to be cabled. I Believe if this was a reality i would have already bought 2 more play 5 to replace my wired amp & speaker set up. Streaming the output from these apps to a multi room event would be a match made in heaven, its what Sonos set out to do isnt it? Then think of the commercial application, bars, clubs, open ipad night... THATS A FREEBIE BUT IM AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION 😉 Thank you & please support this idea. Matt ...and why not any laptop app come to mention, Logic, gargeband, reason, ableton etc etc - This could be big.

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28 replies

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I'd like to add my support to this - particularly from traktor on the mac/pc. I don't have a zone or player with line-in so streaming wirelessly is currently the only option. (besides, even if I *did* have a line in, I might want to mix from my laptop in a room that doesn't)
Please can we have support for DJAY in SONOS - it would be so much fun!
Especially now that DJay2 supports Spotify, there could be some amazing parties using Sonos throughout the house!
Totally support this. Having a party this weekend and want to use Djay 2 through my sonos. Would be amazing to be able to dj using spotify whilst mingling ! Instead have to wire my iPad to one spot right next to the speaker. It's a shame.
This would be amazing, instant party!
Indeed, unfortunately If sonos doesn't integrate this, I'm convinced that smart competitor will do...
Come on Sonos! You need to open up to a lot more to outside apps as you do at the moment. 
Please integrate the Djay 2 App Sonos!!!!

I have just bought a Sonos system yesterday and today realised there is no way of streaming music using the ITunes Djay 2 app through my soundbar and play1's. Gutted!

When not mixing myself, I always use the automix feature on Djay app when listening to my unmixed playlists of house music and will now have to put up with long drum intros and gaps in between.

Really disappointed with the purchase now.
Just to add to the above posts - recently bought a play 3, I have the DJay2 app . Sonos please sort out support for this . Even come up with your own I'd buy it.
Please, please, please do it.
Yes pls support djay 2
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Any news on this super good idea ?

+1 On this. Just bought DJAy 2 without doing my research and frustratingly unable to use it as I wanted. Another disadvantage to not having the option of cable connection on Play 1's.
I got this to work over the weekend using Nicecast: 

It's $59, but it works well. First, start a broadcast through Nicecast using your DJ software (I used Djay for Mac). Go to the Broadcast pane in Nicecast, hit the "Share" button and copy the "local" M3u link. Go to Sonos and add a Radio Station under Manage using that local M3u link from Nicecast. Open Radio in Sonos and start streaming the link you just put in. I had about 3 second delay from the sound on my laptop to the Sonos speakers, but it worked just fine.
Please integrate the Djay App??!
Are there actually no dj apps supported by Sonos?
How is this possible???
I would love this to happen too. It would be so much fun.
Be sure to make your case with the DJ App developers. The developers can make this happen if they want to.
There is an elephant in the room, here.
Sonos may not wish to deal with issue of there being a slight processing delay from the line-in to the sound-out. Making it pretty much impossible to use as dj speakers. Maybe a software update might be possible to delay by pass the processing, but I suspect it's a hardware issue.
Now, where's that elephant? 😉
The delay is in the analogue to digital conversion required in order to pass line-in audio from one player to another, it can't be defeated by software.
so this would be a limitation for live analogue, but most dj apps are entirely digital. why would a processing delay be involved if there was a native sonos version of a software DJ application? or why couldn't there be a digital line-in from the 3rd party app?
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Yes please add support for Djay 2 (over WiFi, of course)
I link my splitter to my line in on my connect amp but really want to connect wirelessly. Is there a work around using some kind of Bluetooth device?
C'mon SONOS at least tellnus if this is in development or not. Your silence must be putting prospective buyers off....
C'mon SONOS at least tellnus if this is in development or not. Your silence must be putting prospective buyers off....

1) Sonos hardly ever talks about what is in development or not.

2) The Sonos Music Partners API allows any service who wishes to integrate with Sonos' app to do so for free. The have to be willing to do so.

3) As of version 7.0, Sonos has developed Direct Control functionality, allowing services to access Sonos via their own native app. Again, this requires development by the third party to incorporate this into their app.

So the ball seems to be firmly in the court of the third party developers/services. You should take this info to them and point out that Sonos is ready and eager to work with them, all they have to do is ask.
Definitely would be nice for traktor to support Sonoa or Djay 2 seems like everyone that wants this to happen should contact those companies