Spotify Connect: Individual room volume control

  • 9 November 2016
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Regarding the new beta release which integrates with Spotify Connect...

Controlling playback from within Spotify I find it quite long-winded to change the individual volumes of the grouped rooms.
To do that I currently need to:
(1) From Spotify, click on Devices
(2) Click on the room Group "hamburger ..." menu
(3) Click on 'Sonos Group Rooms' (which launched Sonos)
(4) Click on the icon of the song playing
(5) Finally the song menu appears with the combined volume slider
(6) Click on slider to get the separate room sliders
(7) Change the volume of the required room

Am I missing the easier way?

Anyway, I'm aware one is limited when developing code from within another's application, so I understand the situation.

My suggestion is to at least add the following to speed up the volume setting process ...

When clicking on the (see step 3 above), display one more option over and above "Sonos Group Rooms", also display an option called "Set separate room volumes". This can take one immediately to the correct screen inside the Sonos app (at least get rid of steps 3 to 5 above).

If the process can be sped up even more, please do that by any means.

I'm posting this to get some feedback on whether I'm the only one with this problem or to get some improvement on this. Its already entered as a feature request and I was told if enough users comment positively on this, the improvement can be expedited.

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