spotify app does not allow to connect with spotify

Using teo iphones to control my sonos play 3. Other one working well but the other on not. When trying to add spotify to service then get announcement that network is not working even my phone is connected to network and can control forex. Radio stations in sonos.


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Hello @Sami Läntinen, welcome to Sonos Community!

Please have a look at the following thread:

Let us know if MS Defender on your iPhone is the cause.

If not, I recommend reaching out to Sonos Support, as they can provide you with information specific to your system.

I hope this helps.

When I signed out from Sonos, I noticed that I can’t sign any more. Both signin and trying to start spotify through Sonos and actually other activities which I believe do need network are giving me notice that my iPhone is not connected to network even it is. And yes there is MS Defender as installed on my phone. What can I do with it, as its company related?

It is MS Defender related, yes. Their most recent ‘definitions’ are blocking access to Sonos. You should be complaining to Microsoft, but in the meantime, to access your Sonos, temporarily disable Defender.