Sonos won't stop playing

  • 30 December 2016
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63 replies

Seems weird considering I haven't updated it for a while and have used the alarm for ages that it started today.
I think it is a date-related bug in the existing software. Setting the Sonos system date back a couple of days seems to make it go away.
Same here, have radio set as my Alarm Clock on bedroom sonos. Woke to sonos playing across all 4 devices and unable to stop it , pause/mute only works briefly before returning to playing the radio - could only shut the thing up by reducing volume to zero. Wont even let me change from playing Radio to listen to tracks on Spotify 😠
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Same here, Radio playing constantly and nothing else can be played, and wont turn off!

Do Sonos not have testers!
I don t like to delete the alarms, have to put them back, im lazy. Set the date on 23 dec. Now its OK!
Same here, Radio playing constantly and nothing else can be played, and wont turn off!

Do Sonos not have testers!
They do, but probably not tested on 30 December. Looks like a date-related issue, but clearly an embarrassing error to have slipped through testing
I don t like to delete the alarms, have to put them back, im lazy. Set the date on 23 dec. Now its OK!i think this is the easiest solution for anyone with multiple alarms
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Me too - as of this morning the radio station associated with the alarm timing keeps on playing - cannot change or switch off.
Have deleted the alarms and all OK now - but strange that it appears to be a possible date related problem rather than an update cock-up? Perhaps date-bombs - deliberate or accidental - are more prevalent in software than we think - or perhaps an Evil Empire has hacked the system?
I set an alarm up for my sonos play 3 in my room. Which has worked fine a couple of times letting me pause it but today every time i hit pause it just restarts the playlist I chose as the alarm music.

Now I cant use that speaker amd have just turned the volume right down.


It's clearly an issue Sonos is having with the alarm feature as, like suggested, the problem was resolved as soon as you delete all alarms, but this is extremely annoying and worrying.
I bought this system this winter for a few reasons but the alarm feature was high on the list. Now I find myself in a situation where it doesn't work days before the majority of people are going back to work and also my trust in that the feature will perform properly is at a zero.
Not good news in what I'm sure for a lot of people is a new product this Christmas.
SONOS Play3 came on as an alarm at 0730 this morning. Turned Play3 off to watch TV through PLAYbar and PLAY3 kept coming back on after 5-10 secs. Found this forum showing other users with same issue. Narrowed it down to alarms. Turned all alarms off and PLAY3 stayed off. Thanks other users for your help. SONOS gurus: can you please fix! TIA.
Same here. I have experienced a lot of network problems with Sonos over the Christmas period; loss of connection, speakers dropping out controllers not connecting etc, now this. We had a few friends around over the holidays and they were not impressed - in fact it's probably boosted sales of bose! As a caveat to this I have had the system for many years and it has been almost faultless until now
I have same issue, cancelled all alarms and speakers work again
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Add me to the list of impacted!
It's appears a date & alarm issue. We have sonos 5 with radio alarm every morning and today like everyone else I couldn't stop it playing. When I turned the volume down it also went back up a couple of seconds later!

I used the date fix. Go into sonos app, then Settings, then Date and Time, uncheck Set time from Internet, then manually choose a date a week ago. Works normally now.

Hope this is a temporary workaround until Sonos address it.
Having the same problem. Saturday alarm came on this morning now it won't turn off. Agree it could be an end of year date problem in the software. This is the first leap year since we bought our first Sonos.
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Another one here with the problem. I thought it was one of my neighbours being annoying as the sound was muffled coming from upstairs, then I realised what it was!

Fix it please Sonos!
I'm having the same problem as of today! Alarm went off this morning as usual but the music just keeps restarting! I have deleted all the alarms and the music has now stopped playing.
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It stops if you delete the alarms - not just turn them off. Nasty bug. Hope we get an update soon from Sonos.
Don't set the time to a week ago but rather a week ahead. What if Sonos can't get this bug fixed within 7 days?
BBC Radio 2 via TuneIn came on with Sonos alarm at 9am this morning then shuts off after a few seconds and volume drops to zero then immediately alarm seems to activate again. Deleting the alarm altogether was the only way to stop it.
Thanks for everyones help. Very buggy and glad I'm not the only one sure the sonos guys will have it fixed. Hopefully before I go back to work next week.
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It appears to be just the Saturday alarm. Delete that and the rest of the week seems to be playing ball.
Me too. It doesnt stop only when i disconnect the power then only it stopped playing.
Exactly the same problem reared it's head with one of my Play:1's this morning. Suspected the problem may have been the alarm because of the way the volume increases by itself each time I try to stop the radio playing. I have no solution - tried all the usual stuff - but felt it necessary to add my weight to the number of people experiencing the same thing at the same time! Over to you, Sonos!
Same here.

I don't recall the alarm set for Monday - Friday ever coming on this morning, whereas the one set for Monday - Sunday came on and would not stop playing even when I press the button on the device or use the controller app.

I turned off all the alarms as suggested and was able to stop the player. I guess someone at Sonos will be working extra hard this New Years weekend to get in a fix 🙂