Sonos was unable to add the music folder - The computer Simon's MacBook pro cannot be found

  • 22 October 2016
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I have been using Sonos fine for the last 18 months or so. In that last few weeks, I have had an intermittent problem playing the music from my music library. Playback stopped completely this evening saying that the computer Simon's MacBook Pro cannot be found.

I tried to update the music library, to no avail, I also tried to reset the sonos player. I also removed the music folder and tried to re-install, but failed to re-install it. I ended up uninstalling the Sonos player and reinstalling. Following this I tried to add my music as the music library where I keep getting the message:

Sonos was unable to add the music folder - The computer Simon's MacBook pro cannot be found

The folder I am directing it to contains all the iTunes folders that I have, so i don't know what the problem is.

Please can anyone help?



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Common issue if you updated to Sierra

Go into System Preferences > Sharing > FileSharing > Options ---- Uncheck SMB

Change Computer Name to Simon-Mac no spaces, < 15 characters

Under Edit button,change name to Simon-Mac.local

Network Settings > Advanced > Wins

Change name to Simon-Mac (if it hasn't already - it's fine if the name is in caps)

Back to Sharing > File Sharing

Turn SMB Back on

Reboot computer

Try adding the music folder in Sonos

For those who protest that SMB isn't needed...true, unless you can't get name resolution and the mediocre router that the mediocre ISP rents out resolves your computer name to 198.x.x.x
Thanks. That worked a treat.