Sonos system losing connection to controllers.

  • 7 February 2015
  • 28 replies

My Sonos system (Bridge & Play 3) has been working flawlessly for years up until about 2 months ago.

Now when I try to use my system, my phone, laptop, tablet, and home computer suddenly can't find the system.  Rebooting the system does not fix this issue.  Instead I have to reboot the system, then re-attach my controller devices to the bridge.  The system will then work for a day or two and then this process repeats all over again.

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28 replies

After years of pretty reliable service through bridge setup, about two months ago, our system started losing its connection to controllers - 2 iPhones and 2 iPads - pretty regularly, every other day. Trying to re-set/re-connect is generally unsuccessful until I send diagnostics from a couple of controllers more than 3x each, though it really just seems random. We have 2 Play:5 devices and a bridge which is wired directly to our Router (provided by AT&T for U-verse service). When I connected the newest iPad about a month ago (dropping pre-dated this but was not as frequent or frustrating), I went around to each device. Yesterday, system controllers couldn't find devices and I gave up and used an radio station's app to play...this morning after sending diagnostics yesterday, working okay fine (apparently).
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Assuming you've fixed duplicate IP concerns by switching off router, all Sonos gear and ALL devices connected to network and then restarting router, wait, restart Bridge, wait then start Sonos gear then rest.

It would be worth checking the power supply of the bridge - Should be a steady 5,1 V DC - use or borrow a voltmeter to check this out. Monitor for at least a full minute and confirm it doesn't fluctuate

As of about 6 months ago, I have also been seeing this issue more and more often. Up until about a week ago(changed my modem/router) I thought the issue involved my wireless setup. I am technically inclined; therefore history has proven that I typically attempt to ratify issues such as these on my own prior to seeking additional help. Here is my current setup!

Play 1 (Bathroom)
Play 3 (2) Garage/Office
Play 5 (Living/Kitchen/Dining)
Playbar+Sub(Family Room, connected to my TV)
Bridge(In my garage wired directly my router)

I was having some capacity issues, therefore my wireless setup has since been altered. I know run a Docsis 3.0 Modem, wired to a Netgear Router running dual bands (2.4 and 5Ghz). To avoid interference, I am only using my 2.4Ghz bands. My setup is in my garage, broadcasting the signal throughout a split level single family home. On the complete opposite of my home(I have 2 wireless repeaters at this part of my house) sits my Play: 5. Ironically, this speaker no longer gives me issues, along with most of the others. Instead the speaker closest to my router(literally separated by a wall) is my family rooms playbar+sub is having a connection issue. I have tried to master reset again, however if the issues reoccur I will have to contact and document this issue. $1400 in speakers makes me frustrated that it is happening. Very loyal to Sonos up to this point, and not looking forward to switching, unless it is necessary.