Sonos S1 controller app only offering an s2 upgrade; can't play devices

  • 19 July 2022
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I have been using my Sonos products with S1 Controller as I have a Play 5 that isn’t compatible with S2 app so I cannot migrate. The Play 5 is a perfectly good speaker, working fine, and I don’t see why I should pay to replace something that is working fine. All good for months and months.

Today I try to start the S1 app and I get the attached, which I cannot dismiss other than close. I can no longer play any Sonos device. 

What have you done Sonos to the S1 controller app, and how can I resume using my system as it was yesterday.



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8 replies

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Hi @NeilWalker 

Thanks for your post!

As relevant info is important here, I’m replying now rather than waiting for community responses.

Looking at your system, two of your Sonos devices (Lounge’s Playbar and Kitchen’s Play:1) are currently on S2. If you don’t know why this is, I recommend you have a chat with anyone who might have access to your WiFi, and get them to uninstall the S2 app, or to never open it and opt to update when visiting you/while connected to the WiFi. This obviously includes family members.

As for resolving this problem, please factory reset only these two units. Once done, exit and reopen the S1 app - at which point it should no longer show the screen above - and add the two products.

I hope this helps.

There hasn’t been a Sonos S1 App update for ages? .. see this link:

And the last S2 Update was almost a month ago…

So I don’t personally think this is anything Sonos would have done. (I can’t envisage Sonos doing such a thing anyway).

Have you tried simply fully closing the S1 App (slide off screen) and reopening it again, or even resetting the App and connecting it back to the S1 HH via the Play:5 (gen1)?

Other thoughts are that maybe someone else with access to the Home/Network/System, has maybe (‘accidentally’) attempted an update to S2 for those devices that are compatible in the HH. Either way, usually all is not lost if that has happened and there are no One-SL devices.

It just needs you to check the firmware versions in the ‘About My System” area of the App from "More Options" and (if the need arises) then continue from there to ensure all are running on S1, or simply put them back onto your S1HH starting with any S1 only compatible product. (Just do not reset any of your S1 only devices as they each hold your existing S1 HH).

Hope that assists and you are able to resolve the matter easily and quickly.

edit: I see Staff (Corry P.) beat me to it. It sounds like someone with network access did try to upgrade your S1 system then. …Huh.🤷‍♂️ Still, it’s easily sorted.

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Thank you very much for your help. I have done a factory reset on the two devices you called out, reconnected them to S1 Controller and all is well. I’m very grateful, and somewhat relieved.

My daughter was here at the weekend and wanted to use the system. She installed S2 (not knowing) and then asked me what to do - I pointed out that it needed to be S1 and she uninstalled S2, and installed S1.All was well, and we were both using the Play 1 with S1 while she was here. The only two devices that were powered on during this episode were the two you called out as OS 2 in the system overview, so it seems logical that her use of S2, albeit briefly, caused this. Although how we could have been using them successfully at the weekend, and suddenly today I have the problem mentioned above is a mystery to me.

I guess out of this comes two requests:

  • A confirmation *before* upgrade of a device to a state that renders it unusable would be helpful.
  • A minor S1 Controller update to give a more helpful message. Presumably, it detected the presence of an OS 2 device, so it also could work out that there is a mixed estate of OS 1 and 2 devices and guide the user in a more helpful way, rather than having to resort to support.

Thanks again.

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This is why I put my daughters speaker on S2 (household system is on S1).

Can see it's far to easy to instal updates by accident if you don't know what you are looking for.

In my opinion the only person allowed to initiate an update should be the owner of the Sonos account email address.



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Hi @NeilWalker 

I’m glad to hear you got the problem resolved - thanks for updating the thread! And, you are very welcome!

I've now marked this thread as a feature request and it will be seen by the relevant teams for consideration.

It’s untrue that there haven’t been S1 updates. All of our Apple and Android devices just update as did the PC controller.  And now it’s all gone to ****. Can’t group for than 5 rooms together and we have 12. No real pattern to the issue. We have a 4 connect and two 3s.  Half of them will group while the other half don’t. Really hard to host a good party, eh?


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Are any error messages given?

This is likely some sort of network issue. I suggest that you submit a diagnostic immediately after one of these events and post the confirmation number here or contact support.

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There's a new S1 update now, been out for a few days now.