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  • 27 March 2023
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I use Sonos in three locations (home, vacation home & office) and have shared Sonos HD Radio in all locations since they are under the same User account.  

I recently upgraded a number of my Sonos devices and upgraded the account from S1 to S2.  I created a new account for my “stranded” S1 devices, factory reset them and added them to the new account.  

Two questions:

  • Sonos HD Radio is asking to reauthorize on both Sonos user accounts, and both are receiving and error when activating.  Have anyone experienced similar?  Thoughts on cause/solution?
  • Am I able to share a single Sonos HD Radio across my S1 and S2 accounts?  I suspect I know the anwser to this.



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Sonos Radio HD is only for S2 systems, since S1 can’t play HD, or high res, audio (see additional details in the link).  I would not try and add SR HD to the S1 account.  I’m a little confused about the rest of your setup though.  I’m sure you can’t share an SR HD account across multiple Sonos accounts.  However, you can setup multiple households (systems) under one Sonos account.  In that way, you should be able to use the same SR HD in all three locations.