Sonos Plex & Synology

  • 7 May 2017
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Hi There,

Newbie Alert !!

I have an Amazon Echo and a Synology NAS running PLEX which stores all my media, I am able to control PLEX from the Echo.

My question is will PLEX be able to play direct to the Sonos with out having to have Laptops or tablets open and running ?

Thanks in advance

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3 replies

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After you tell your Sonos system what to play from your Plex server using the Sonos controller app/software, you can turn off the tablet/laptop and Sonos will connect directly to your Plex server.

Do note that Plex on Sonos is still fairly limited, and that there has been no response from Plex developers regarding their Sonos support since shortly after they launched it. There are also some connectivity issues some have experienced... some have had to enable an advanced NAT setting in their router, others have had to manually add the port forward to their router (rather than letting Plex do it automatically).
Hi XOP15, welcome to the forums. MikeV is correct. While you won't need to keep any computers active while playing, you'll still need to add the tracks to the music queue from within the Sonos app. In case you encounter any issues, you can also add the NAS folder via an SMB share on the Synology. Then add the share to Sonos via the Manage > Music Library Settings option located in the desktop controller program.
Thanks Mike & Nico, both really helpful answers in getting me to understand the whole setup, i'm going to give it a try and see where I get, Thanks again for really quick replies 🙂