SONOS Playlist - Appearing / Disappearing

  • 3 December 2022
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I have been having MAJOR issues since February 2022 related to SONOS Playlist appearing and disappearing from the iPhone APP. I have an open case and have worked with technical support and no resolution has been found. This use to work with S1 hardware but since updating to S2 it has not worked correctly.

When will this be fixed?

5 replies

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I just updated an Amazon Fire HD8 to the latest version of the SONOS app and it appears that the Playlist will properly display on that product.

Fire HD 8 (8th Generation)
Fire OS:

SONOS App: Version 14.19

It has been displaying the SONOS playlist correctly thought many SONOS application cycles and Fire HD 8 reboots over the last three hours.


So it’s just the iPhone that’s not displaying the playlists?

Have you tried switching off ‘WiFi calling’ and ‘Private WiFi Address’ in the iOS settings. Also switch off/disable any security Apps, firewall/vpn etc; and reboot all your Sonos speakers. 

See if those few things might resolve the issue. If not, then consider a Sonos App reset ‘Settings/App Preferences’ and on reopening the App, follow the instructions and connect it back to the ‘existing’ Sonos system. 

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The iOS playlist display problem has been around for a surprisingly long amount of time. Suggest using SonoPhone if you want a reliable playlist list.

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Thanks for the reply. I will take another look at SonosPhone.

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Is there any update on the Playlist issue? I am to the point where I will start looking for a replacement to SONOS. The spouse factor has gone to zero as the Playlist was one of the features that she liked the most.