Sonos no longer support IOS streaming

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Just got the message Sonos will no longer support IOS devices . Looks like it’s time to sell my speakers .

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@roddingham I agree with @Airgetlam. My children prefer Airplay 2 to the Sonos app and so use Airplay all the time. On my system there's no notable difference in sound between Airplay and Sonos itself. It does seem though that an iPhones uses the sound preferences you set to it also for Airplay. For example: my daughter has a more base heavy setting on her iPhone, that also seems to be working via Airplay. To my taste this degrades the sound, but as it is only a setting, the problem can be solved.

Grouping with Airplay does work fine on my system too - I actually prefer it over Airplaying to multiple speakers. The Group-connection on Sonos is more stable.
For future reference, Stewart123 is referring to this message by Sonos: So, not all support for iOS will be removed, just the possibility to play downloaded music stored on an iPhone. A bit of trouble for some, maybe best solved by using Airplay 2. For that you would need to have an Airplay 2 enable speaker, of which the One is the least expensive. When playing music from your iPhone via Airplay 2 to this speaker the speaker can be grouped with non-Airplay enabled Sonos speakers, or even de Connect/Connect Amp.

Yes, a work around that wil maybe cost you money, but imo not the end of the world and no reason to sell all Sonos if you prefer to (only) play music stored on your iPhone.

I doubt this will be the last issue. Constant updates and misinformation doesn’t help. Sonos Support advised to “just add the Plex or Google Play App.” Easier said than done. Plex cannot accept music from iTunes so you have to get another App to transfer it to (check compatibility first) then attempt to download your already paid for music. Try to avoid all the prompts to upgrade & pay for this Plex App. I spent hours on this & it still isn’t working. Google Play uses Chrome which doesn’t seem user friendly with Apple or Itunes. No luck so far with that one either. They knew about this and should have rolled out online demos or videos to assist people with changes. Online support made it sound simple but it’s not as easy. I’ve had my 6 Sonos products since 2015 and enjoyed them even with all the constant updates & reboots. I find this unprofessional for such a successful Company. I spent thousands on my home system...I shouldn’t have to keep spending money. That’s the biggest problem with technology today...they’ve got you constantly having to buy new things to support or replace the old. My record player (yes, I went there) and CD Player still work just fine...
There is no Chrome requirement for uploading to Google Play Music. You can use Google Music Manager:
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I do not understand your troubles with Plex. According to you just point Plex to your iTunes library. This is also my experience with Plex: install, point it to the relevant library, let it update the database and it’s good to go. I see no difference with between the free version of Plex and the Plex Pass-version I am using.

As most users are her to help, please elaborate on where Plex (or Google Music Free for that matter) goes wrong for you and someone on this forum will help you.

Just got the message Sonos will no longer support IOS devices . Looks like it’s time to sell my speakers .

The way I see it, when I first bought my system it came with a WIFi bridge. If I wanted to listen to my stored music I had to share the folder on my PC with Sonos and set my computer to NOT sleep. Eventually Sonos eliminated the bridge and allowed music to be played from the device using the app. 2 great advances by eliminating excess hardware, closing a potential security breach and extending the life of my PC by allowing it to sleep. Now, many years later we have reverted back to the original antiquated option. Not sure why some on here are praising it. Now I find myself using my JBL Flip speaker and the Sonos has just become a giant unused paperweight. BTW on my JBL I can play songs from my phone and stream as well. Why would I want to use a system that just became MORE difficult to use??

For many users it is still better to have a wired device. It was purely for marketing reasons that the requirement was dropped.

Playing from a device has significant disadvantages compared with a separate music library,, especially if stored on a NAS drive.

These were extra choices,  not advances. Your comments display a lamentable ignorance of the facts 

But welcome to the forum. Glad to have you on board after all these years.

That’s for your “opinion” your comment about my ignorance tells me all I need to know about you. Have a nice day.

Ignorance is lack of knowledge. That is what your comments demonstrated. There are vast areas of knowledge about which I am totally ignorant. There is no shame in that.