Sonos Music Library

  • 1 October 2023
  • 4 replies

Is there any way to reorganize the titles by particular artists in the Sonos Library. They appear to be in a random order. I would like to edit the order - for example, studio albums in alphabetical order followed by live recordings by date.

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4 replies

No, the order is what it is.

If the music library is on e.g. a NAS Sonos will sort the albums alphabetically.
You could try changing the live album titles to start with the year and date.

For streaming (Spotify, Apple etc) you cannot change the sequence. I believe the streaming service decides how the albums are sorted.

The music library is on a PC. I do have the live recordings by year in this format: 1973.12.03.


they are all interspersed- some by title, then some by date, etc. in my iTunes library, they are exactly how I want them - alphabetically followed by live ones chronologically.

Then you should go through the tags. If tags are set correct Sonos will sort as per your wish.