Sonos letting customers down BIG TIME! ref volume control on iphones

  • 2 October 2023
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Sonos has taken a major step back, by users not being able to control volume on app using iPhones.
YES! I regret buying into their eco-systems
Sonos also failed to notify customers of "THIS MAJOR CHANGE" Shame on you!!
You should advise future buyer of this "MAJOR CHANGE!  Post it on your home page? Of course not, the suckers will find out later.
I expected better from a company with great  speakers & sound!

Why would you stoop so low and NOT provide customers who spend so much money on you speakers a better experience using your app? We all know their not cheap.

Dont blame Apple, because  it is SONOS we spent many on.

OH we were able to use it before, duhh

It seems Sonos cant or won't upgrade their setup.



26 replies

Have you tried to use your tv remote? Are you connected to hdmi arc? I can use my Verizon Fios remote to control the volume even when tv is off. Check out this link: Sonos tv remote