Sonos beta update for Android failure

  • 5 November 2016
  • 11 replies

Does anyone know why the beta update fails to generate the email containing the URL to download the update for the latest build. Sonos don't seem to know.

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11 replies

Go to You should find a download link there,
Many thanks for your help.
It seems clear to me now that there is no beta android version available.
It appears that Sonos has a problem.
The Android software prompts the user to update although the update is not available.
There is most certainly a beta for Android, thousands are running it, including myself. What make and model Android are you trying to install on? Some devices, Amazon Fires in particular, are forked versions of Android that will not run the standard Android app.
Android 4.4.2 HP. Slate HD.
That should work. What seems to be the problem? Have you enrolled in the beta? If so, you can use the link in ratty's post above to download the apk file directly from the beta site. It can be found by clicking the Downloads section. No need to use the email or the current app.
I am having a similar problem.


1) I joined the Spotify beta
2) updated Spotify
3) then updated Sonos.

The breakdown happens when I open Sonos. It says "the Sonos app needs updating" and displays the link for the beta/install.

4) I click on update button
5) open the resulting email, verifying my email

Then I'm in a loop where every time I open Sonos that cycle repeats.

If I go to the Spotify/Advanced Settings/Connect to a Device there is no Sonos.

No matter what I do as laid out above, the loop repeats
Same problem here. Frustrating.
Delete your current Sonos app. Go to the link ratty posted above, download the apk directly from the Sonos site, and install.
Same as above.
Enrolled in the beta scheme
Agreed should work.
As I said
Mislead by prompts from the Sonos app to update
Nothing available
I give up. Beta testing isn't for everyone. I suggest you unenroll and wait for the actual release.
Unenroll at sonos website did the trick.