Sonos as Intercom / PA system

  • 19 November 2012
  • 78 replies

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Surprised I can not find this idea in here. My house is not exactly small, and I am now running 7 Sonos players. When running the Sonos app on iPhone, it would be great to be able to select a sone (or a sone group), press a button and talk via my phone to that sone. I can not imagine it being a technically complex solution. I would be really excited about being able to use Sonos in this way, and so would quite a few others! (see discussion forum): Is this something that can be considered? If this could be a part of Sonos long term solutions, I would wait for it. Else I would need to start think alternative solutions.

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78 replies

We need a official PA function that works through the pc app. I have an industrial supply warehouse in which has play 1's in various offices and the showroom. If they had the PA working then it would be quite cost competitive with other business PA systems.
Thank you so much for this app!! I love it!
A great third-party solution doing voice-message broadcast, now in preview on Android: Sonofy.