SONOS App UX: suggestions list

  • 16 November 2023
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Hello @SONOS star team. 


I will compile, and edit to add over time, the things I noticed and would recommend for our collective reflection here. 

Please comment to contribute your ideas too, and I can add them to this OP so that it’s easier for the SONOS developers to have it all in one place.

Special thanks and appreciation for Keith, whom I “met” on Reddit and guided 

I use iOS, latest of everything at all times: iPhone and SONOS App version.


  • Allow manual/ user ranking/ rearranging in My Sonos > Edit (top right corner). Ditto in Browse for existing music services.
  • Add a “tip” bubble to let people know about 3D Touch available throughout the App. I see use it in My Sonos to select Play in Another Room… the most. 
    Add Alarms to the SONOS icon itself on the Home Screen when using ForceTouch/ 3D Touch (Currently: Search, My Sonos, Play - Resume Last Played).
  • Detect WiFi issues and walk the user through fixing them to lighten the load on your Support Team, PR hit with people spewing critical nonsense online by criticizing SONOS’ product performance, and most importantly, save the user time. Most common I experience and see online: This FAQ entry is great. Most issues nowadays stem from SONOS speakers connecting to different access points or mesh devices instead of prioritizing connecting the same one provided the WiFi signal strength is similar. I had to unplug all but one to force all my SONOS speakers to connect to the same one. Playback/ streaming drops went away.
  • System > Alarms > tap an existing alarm > Rooms: revamp UX & UI to add the ability to (de)select rooms easily. At present “Include Grouped Rooms” forces the user to first create a Grouped set of speakers/ rooms before being able to make use of it for Alarms.
  • More transparency about change logs. There is apparently a System Update available as I type this today (Nov 16, 2023) and I have no idea what’s in it. I have Automatic Update enabled, but that’s placing a lot of trust in SONOS (and I do, SONOS is not “Evil”).
    The user should be able to decide whether to update their entire system in my humble opinion. 
  • When an update fails and then System displays one or more speakers needing an update: the option to Update them should be right there when tapping each one showing with a red dot. instead, right now, I have to go to System > System Updates where I am told there is no update available even if System > Products is reporting 4 of my SONOS speakers need an update (update failed for those, but went through for all others). 

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1 reply

Just FYi, I am confident that Sonos devs maintain an internal list of suggested features recieve from this community and elsewhere.  It quite common to get feature requests, and a Sonos staff member will comment and let them know that the post is noted as passed on.

Nothing wrong with a common list for community members to reference though, if they would rather that then make their own post.