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  • 26 February 2021
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C'est laborieux ; pourquoi donc quand après avoir fouillé dans l'arborescence des radios mondiales et sélectionné une radio, par exemple du Japon, l'application me ramène t-elle au menu de départ (cf photo d'écran ci-jointe) ?
Ce désagrément existe aussi dans les émissions trouvées sur le Net (cf encore photo d'écran ci-jointe, "Binge Audio" dans "liste") ; étant revenu au menu principal je suis incapable de retrouver sa source. Et je suis déçu !
Peut-on paramétrer mieux ?
HELAS je ne peux ici vous envoyer de pi. jte.

Pascal M


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5 replies

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Hi @Pascal* 

Thanks for posting. This is an English language forum. Please rephrase your question in English. Thank you.


It is laborious; why, then, when after searching the world radio tree and selecting a radio, for example from Japan, does the application bring me back to the start menu (see attached screen photo)?
This inconvenience also exists in the broadcasts found on the Net (cf still screen photo attached, "Binge Audio" in "list"); having returned to the main menu I am unable to find its source. And I am disappointed!
Can we set it up better?
HELAS I can’t send you any pi. jte here.

Pascal M
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Hi @Pascal* 

You can upload pictures by pressing the button shown below:


Where are you doing the search? When I search within the Sonos smartphone app and select a station, the search remains on the screen.

thank you for your answer, at me too the station remains on the screen. This is the search path that disappears - the path -. When I find a radio in Colombia for example, I select it, the path I followed to find it disappears. Thank you for your help (although I think it requires improvement by Sonos)/




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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were able to create the issue ourselves, but it’s when “browsing" not “searching". Though if you are looking for something particular, I guess you are searching!

I’ll notify the relevant team. In the meantime, you can avoid this issue by using the Android or iOS Sonos apps, or by searching for stations on the Windows/macOS app (the search results remain on the screen).