Sonos APP - first impressions

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Despite my best efforts, the Sonos App has updated (WTF!). It's pretty awful.... Lots of missing or half-arsed features (eg. Playlists - you can only play from track 1 on to end - no way to reorder). It's sluggish with creaky sliding/Pop-up panels.   

Aesthetically, it's gaudily awful with a mix of hard and overblown round edges. It's 'horrible. The sliding tiles induce a feeling of nausea after a while. Horizontal lists are edged with a strange mist-like effect - quite bizarre!

Compared to other modern app interfaces, such as BLUOS, Roon, etc it has a long way to go. 

What a relief to return to the pure Material interface (a sort of modern Bauhaus of app design) of LMS. 

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