Sonos App conflicts with Pandora function for Pioneer in-car AVH-X3800BHS via bluetooth on iPhone6/7

  • 6 January 2017
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Has anyone else experienced poor Pandora functionality with their Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS (car head deck) when using the Pandora app on their iPhone via bluetooth? For several months, I was getting intermittent connectivity and disconnects in the car when attempting to listen to Pandora using the Pandora function on the Pioneer head unit. I called Pioneer several times and each time they insisted that there is no known issue with the head deck interfacing with iPhones. I didn't believe them until one day it hit me - the Pioneer basically comandeers the iPhone's Pandora app and acts as an intermediary (to allow thumbs up/ thumbs down via the touch screen on the radio), but the Pandora function still resides on the phone. Sonos is the only other software on my phone that has anything to do with Pandora.

So, I removed the Sonos controller app from my phone. Problem fixed! I then reinstalled the Sonos app to my phone and the problem returns.

Has anyone experienced this? And more importantly, has anyone figured out how to fix this issue? Because removing the Sonos app from my phone is a non-starter. Right now, I've had to resort to not using the Pandora function on the Pioneer deck and instead use the bluetooth only function. While I can still listen to Pandora in my car with this method, I can't thumbs up/thumbs down using the touch screen and I can't select Pandora stations using the radio - both functions that are very handy.

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