Sonos Amp - need Sonos speaker to control, not a Google tablet?

I have a Sonos Amp, and as part of my home air conditioning a Google tablet which I’d like to use to control the Sonos Amp.

If I download the Sonos app, I need to run an update and get an error code 1101.

I’ve called Sonos who said as the tablet doesn’t have a microphone, I need to buy a Sonos speaker with a microphone to set up Google Assistant, which means I can then control it via the Sonos speaker or the Google tablet.

This sounds ridiculous to me. Is this right?


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Here’s some info on the 1101. I suggest that you wire AMP to your network while you set it up. Later you can decide if you want to go wireless. Do you have any other SONOS units? If so, and AMP is a new unit, be sure to add AMP to your system, don’t accidentally setup a new system.

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If the tablet’s OS is up to date (see for Sonos’ requirements) you should be able to control the Amp via the Sonos app. If you want Google Assistant a Nest Mini will work.

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Hi @Bakks 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I think there has been some misunderstanding.

According to the case notes, it was mentioned to you that it is the Amp that does not have a microphone, and that you would need a new Sonos speaker if you wanted a speaker to run Google Assistant. This may have been the support agent misunderstanding what you were asking, or you misunderstanding what the agent was saying. In either case, apologies if you feel you have been mis-informed or if things were not made clear.

I can see your Amp is now up to date, so that’s one thing out of the way.

You will be able to control your Sonos system via the Sonos app on your tablet, Google Assistant on your tablet, or Google Assistant on a first-party device like a Nest, as @106rallye indicated.

I hope this helps.