Sonos 65k Track Limit

  • 23 November 2023
  • 6 replies

Are there any plans to eliminate the 65k track limit for Sonos products.

Surely i cannot be the only one who has a music collection that is way in excess of this limit?


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6 replies

The fraction of Sonos users with local libraries is evidently down below 10%. The fraction of that fraction with libraries over 65k tracks will be very much smaller.

New customers tend to use streaming from the get-go.

Local libraries now appear to be on the ‘legacy’ pile. The official recommendation for large libraries is to use Plex.

Thanks for your response, i think i looked at Plesk, but, doesn’t that carry a subscription?

Maybe i need to investigate it further again

On another note, i store all my music on a Synology NAS storage unit.

Does anyone know of a way to use a free app via the Sonos system to play and browse etc?


Well, i remembered in the past that Plex was annoyingly difficult to setup etc, so, it is with great surprise that i can advise that i have finally configured Plex to work through my Sonos system.

It wasn’t without some tweeks required, but, i got there, had to enable port forwarding and that was it.

This is great news for me as i was expecting that my Sonos system was gonna just be a radio player. Yes, i know there are several streaming companies, but, i want to listen to the music i bought.


Now to synch my entire collection into the Plex server, this is gonna take a while.


I may even invest in the paid for Plex version.

“Bought” or … ahem … “acquired”? 

I don’t own a single track that i didn’t pay for 🤘