Some station icons in My Sonos are blank

  • 23 January 2023
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Some icons for the radio stations in "My Sonos" are blank.

When I play a station with a blabk icon, the correct icon appears in the darkened bar at the bottom of the screen. So I presume the icon is available.

Refreshing the app’s cache doesn’t help. How can I get the missing icons?

(Background info: Android app, version 14.20.1, Dec 2022)


Best answer by Corry P 24 January 2023, 13:33

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5 replies

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Hi @Sarno 

Thanks for your post!

If resetting the app doesn’t help (Settings » App Preferences » Reset App » Reset, close and reopen the app and choose Connect to Existing System), the issue is likely due to a speaker not doing all it should, or the network somehow getting in it’s way.

Please turn off your router and Sonos speakers. Once the router has been off for at least 30 seconds, turn it on and wait for WiFi to return before proceeding. If you have any Sonos products wired to ethernet, please turn these on first and wait for solid white lights before turning on the rest of your speakers. 

I hope this helps.

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@Corry P  Does this resetting lose any of my settings? Such as the existing station list, my music provider signons, my  custom settings for each speaker, etc?

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Hi @Sarno 

No - all settings are retained by the speakers. All the app remembers is which systems it has spoken to before, and the login details for your Sonos account (which you will need).

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@Corry P  Resetting the app seems to have done corrected it. Thank you.


Is there any value in turning off the speakers and router as you described, purely as good housekeeping to clear away any other glitches?

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Hi @Sarno 

Excellent! Thanks for updating the thread.

I recommend rebooting your router several times a year as a matter of course - especially if you got it for free from your Internet Service Provider. Rebooting it at a time you decide means you will be less likely to experience any issues when you really don’t want them to happen - during a party, for example. If you bought your router, you can probably get away with leaving it longer (I confess I often leave mine for many months), but it’s absolutely a valid troubleshooting step that often results in a resolution to many issues.

As for the speakers, it seems they were behaving. It doesn’t hurt to reboot them occasionally, but I’d only bother if and when you experience issues. Note that many people who experience missing rooms after an update often do so because the speakers all reboot and fall victim to router configuration issues, so it doesn’t always go well - though with a healthy network there should be no issue with doing so. Reserving IP addresses in your router's settings for all your static devices can often help with this.