So which iOS device should I buy to run TruePlay?

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Since my iPod Touch is no longer supported, which iOS device should I buy to run TruePlay?

I don’t use Apple and got the Touch just to run TruePlay and it served me well but once again I’m back asking Apple folks what I should be looking for. I’ve looked at the Sonos pages and with my limited Apple knowledge I could use a hand in turning them into a suggestion.


OS Requirements:


So it looks like I’d be served for the longest time by an IOS v 15 compatible device. Since it only needs to run the Sonos Controller and that rarely, my goal is the least expensive device (cost per year of use) I could get away with buying?

Looking at Apple’s list it seems the iPad, iPad Mini or iPad Air all are supported in several generations.

IOS 15: 


The list price on the iPad looks to be lowest at $329, with the Mini at $499 and the Air at $599. So unless I’m missing something the iPad is likely the device I should pick.

Mini, Air, iPad:,ipad-air-5th-gen,ipad-9th-gen


I’d like to get several years use out of whatever I buy so I’d likely want to avoid the oldest generations so the 5th is likely out, maybe the 6th too. This is helpful but it doesn’t have the “last sold date” I’m looking for.

iPad 7, 8 ,9 gen:,ipad-8th-gen,ipad-9th-gen

I did find this:

About vintage products

Products are considered vintage when Apple stopped distributing them for sale more than 5 and less than 7 years ago.

Vintage and Obsolete:

If I understand that correctly I should be able to keep the iOS current on a device for five years after it was last sold.

I found this list of dates:

Pad | Fifth | 9.7" | A9 | 2017 | 15.5 | Discontinued March 2018

iPad | Sixth | 9.7" | A10 | 2018 | 15.5 | Discontinued September 2019

iPad | Seventh | 10.2" | A10 | 2019 | 15.5 | Discontinued September 2020

iPad | Eighth | 10.2" | A12 | 2020 | 15.5 | Discontinued September 2021

iPad | Ninth | 10.2" | A13 | 2021 | 15.5 | Currently sold


So if I’m reading this right the 5th goes out of support in 23, the 6th in 24, 7th in 25, 8th in 26 and the 9th sometime after 27.


A quick look at Amazon prices seems odd.

A 7th gen for $300:

A 8th gen for $242:

A 9th gen for $309:


eBay prices look better and make more sense although Amazon is cheaper for the 9th gen.

7th $130:

8th $155:

9th $345:


So is the sweet spot going to be eBay and the $155 8th gen iPad good until Sep. of 26?

Any suggestions appreciated!

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The development cost versus sales opportunities would be the first question I’d be asking, if I was a product manager at Sonos. 

And even more so, now that it appears that the Era speakers are doing some sort of TruePlay tuning for the room using their own microphones.