Show track artist when viewing the tracks in compilation album

  • 25 August 2013
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Many topics about compilation albums are present, but I think this problem has not been addressed in this way (it is in the forums though, in 2009 already for that matter: When browsing the contents of a compilation album, only the track titles are shown. For compilation albums, the individual track artists should show as well. When you have many compilation album, those track titles names get pretty useless on their own. You need to see the respective artists along them. In the forums someone suggests to stick the artist in the title tag. Abusing the title tag by inserting the artist there along with the title is not an option. Other devices and programs use this tag too, I will not spoil it. The information is right in the (contributing) artist tag, just show it. There's plenty of room on all modern smartphones and tablets, let's use it.

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18 replies

So, what's Sonos' view?
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Please, please, please can we have an acknowledgement from Sonos about all of the display and search issues with multi-artist compilations. I was really hoping these issues would have been finally sorted in the new version 5 controller that is currently in beta.
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This is still and issue with the controller.  If a compilation album in the selection screen it will just show the song title not the artist.

If you add all the tracks to the queue it then shows the Song with artist below ... why can it do this when it is in the queue but can't do it when it is on the selection screen.

This is a major limitation that I have wanted fixed for a long time.  

There were some threads where it said it was possible when you were sharing iTunes library .... I do not use iTunes.

I would think this limitation could be easily overcome.
Totally agree, in compilation albums, the Sonos controller MUST show the artist !

I don't understand Sonos, the new application is cool, but not a single new feature compared to old one !!!

And no answer from them on this topic...
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John, I really appreciate your efforts investigating and telling about the compilation tag issues.
I followed your steps (I missed the 'Group Albums: using iTunes compilation', I was on 'Group Albums by: by Album Artist'). And... it worked. Partially. When I enter my library using Albums or Artists (Compilations), I now see the Artist underneath the track name. That's nice.

But... I always access my library using the Folders view. I have my music neatly arranged in subfolders (long before Sonos entered my home) that help my find the tracks or albums I'm looking for. To me, it's more practical than Artists or Albums. But the Folder view of an album, still doesn't show the artist underneath the track name.

Thanks again John. I'm still hoping Sonos will fix this issue properly. The info is there, just show it.
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I've figured it out.  The first screenshot was "Now 61" found in my Google Play library.  The second screenshot shows "Now 61" in my local index.  Clearly the local index is working a lot better than Google Play.  I think the compilation on Google Play should appear the same.  No wonder I was so confused!!! I started to think improvements had been made in 5.1 in this area.
Sonos pls
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I found a problem on artist search and compilations.
Sonos only search for album artist and not artist.
So for compilation the album artist is always "various Artists" but the original track artist is in a different field like contributing artist or something.
If you search for artists in different fields they are not found, BUT THE FUNNY THING is that that field is correctly displayed in Sonos controller as artist.!
Do you experience the same?

PS. I have checked on the new controller 5.2 but it is NOT corrected!!!

5.3 NOT corrected...
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Disappointed, once again. I agree with the people above: Sonos should work on basic and useful functionality first, only then put effort in fancy cosmetic improvements.

Please Sonos, tell us: is this shortcoming on your radar?
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We just have to hope the fix is not into the GUI but it is in the device software which was not updated I guess (this was only a GUI fix I think).
Terrible customer care here Sonos hard is this for you to address and fix ..... ignoring customers is not good many times do you need to be asked to fix a problem ???? .... ridiculous
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You mean add a feature. Not fix a problem.
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This is definitely a gui problem. Wonder why Sonos seems to be ignoring compilation albums...
You mean add a feature. Not fix a problem.
Not a problem ??? Just consider how many threads on this and you will understand it is just the way it should work. When searching for artist songs, we are just expecting albums and compilation albums to be displayed... If it is an additional feature maybe we should avoid buying sonos system. But maybe, with your Champion rank you can explain us why Sonos cannot fix this (there is maybe a really technical reason, but why, the index already exists on contributing artists) Long life to Sonos
Bumping this thread up from hibernation. Any updates? Would be great if you fixed this at some point.
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Bumping this thread up from hibernation. Any updates? Would be great if you fixed this at some point.

No updates right now. But we'll be waking everyone up if there is any news in the future. Thanks for asking.
The way Sonos is handling the compilations is questionable and the way they handle user requests is disappointing. Differing between track and album/compilation artist is a basic function. Users need to search for track artists as well they need to see the track artist in tracklist.
There is no need for the setting how to group compilations, espacially with a proprietary entry like iTunes.. there is only one correct way!

I don't think that Sonos will change anything because they didn't do anything in the last decade... The only way is to use third party software/library for managing/searching music and use the speakers only for playback.
According to the money there are other speakers I'll use/recommend in the future instead of wasting money for not usable functions...

Sorry Sonos, that's the right way for loosing customers...