Settings greyed out - how to check for version mismatch

  • 12 October 2017
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I'm relatively new to Sonos and have my computer running the Sonos app, streaming out to speakers via WIFI.

My issue is that I want to add my MP3 collection to Sonos, all guides tell me to use the Manage menu but almost all options there are greyed out. The settings screen only shows date & time options.

By searching these forums the standard reply seem to be a version mismatch between the Sonos app and hardware. How can I fix this? The version of my Sonos app is 8.0 -- what can I do to make sure that the versions are correct and I can access all settings? It's not like I can update my speakers or what is going on?

This is fairly urgent so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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1 reply

There's actually 2 things you should be checking. Version mismatch is certainly one of them. Go to settings, and see if there's anything under online updates for your speakers. Version 8 is indeed the correct app version, currently.

The other issue, and I suspect is more likely in your case, is that the OS that you're running on that device is no longer fully supported. You can read what is, and what isn't supported here: Supported OS

If you can update the OS, great, if you can't, you might have another device that you can download the controller app on and connect it? There can be 32 controllers connected to the system, it's not just locked to one device.