Server cannot be found

  • 16 October 2017
  • 1 reply

Server cannot be found. I am not technically literate. If you're going to tell me to add/subtract do anything with cables, you're going to have to talk to me like I am an imbecile. I cannot understand what Sonos is telling other people to do with the same problem.. Way over my head. Haven't been able to play music for several months on my system. pulling hair out. What does it mean that server cannot be found? How do I play music again? It worked sooo well for so long, and then took a left turn on me. Stop updating things, please, and crashing my system, sonos... Leave good enough alone.

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1 reply

Since you've provided no information about your system, there's no way anyone can help you resolve the issue.

At the very least, I'd recommend that you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at. The information in that might point them to a way to help you resolve the issue, and you wouldn't have to have any more knowledge than you do right now.