Send to SONOS the song currently playing on iPhone (e.g., via Apple Music)

  • 31 October 2017
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It often happens to me to come back home and willing to send to SONOS the song I'm currently listening on my iPhone through Apple Music.
For the moment, the only solution I know is to open the SONOS app and search for that particular song.

Would it be great to have the possibility to send to SONOS the song currently playing on iPhone Music app?

I'm not talking here about AirPlay 2 support (which I know is coming), but rather a way for the SONOS app to be aware of the song currently playing in the iPhone music app, in order to propose a shortcut to quickly play it on the SONOS system.

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4 replies

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Won't airplay2 sort this out, ie the song is playing on your phone, you enter the house and "cast" via airplay to a sonos target listed?
Apple music airplays to my SkyQ boxes and displays on the tv really slickly.
The problem with AirPlay is that the song will remain "bounded" to my iPhone (if I understood well), while the advantage of the SONOS system is that any other device can step in and take control.

My idea here is that the SONOS app could propose a shortcut to the song currently playing on my iPhone, in order to play it via the "classic" SONOS approach and not via AirPlay.
I think that any app can access the information on which song is currently playing on the iPhone music app.
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Some more info here :-
Looks like the music will always be sent from the phone itself.
That's way the SONOS approach is, in many cases, a better solution 😉