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  • 21 May 2017
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Good afternoon!
He became a happy owner of the SONOS system, but then there were various questions, he was insanely stunned and remained at a loss, as it was possible not to think about the possibility of playing video files directly from the computer (mine TV), if you buy stereo pair PLAY 1, you can not connect them To the computer and not only listen to streaming music through
Sonos play 1 - 2
Sonos playbar
Sonos SUB
Sonos boost

And stumbled with such a seemingly very stupid problem at first glance, I understand that it is possible to get around this problem through SONOS connect, but in fact it costs not small money, and believe me, in Russia acoustics costs 2 times more expensively than in Europe or the USA!

I had to express my displeasure, because We have this kit costs about $ 3000 and imagine, I can not bring sound to this cool and smart acoustics from the application on my phone, no words!

The question I have is the following, am I mistaken about what I wrote about (I really hope that I just did not understand and somehow I can solve this) and whether it is possible somehow in the application add a second user and that everyone who uses acoustics and the application have their own account and their favorite songs, and not all used one account

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2 replies

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You can have multiple controllers, you can have multiple music accounts but there is only one sonos system, so only one sonos playlist folder.