S2 App skips & judders on iPhone & iPad

  • 17 January 2022
  • 7 replies

When using the app on iPhone & iPad I’m having real trouble when scrolling - up or down, left or right - where the window keeps skipping back to where it started. Very frustrating especially when searching. Common problem with an easy fix or is it something more sinister?

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7 replies

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It’s definitely not a common problem. And it’s strange that you are experiencing this on both the iPhone and iPad.

What model iPhone and iPad are you using? Is there sufficient storage space on each device or is it getting full? Have you tried rebooting each device or deleting and re-installing the Sonos app on both devices?

Thanks for the reply.

It happens on all our devices - IPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPad 5 & iPad Air 3. Varying amounts of storage remaining across all 4.

Rebooted the lot but haven’t de- & re-installed. As it’s across 4 devices I can’t think it’s a bad install…

Playback is fine and not having issues with other apps, so don’t think it’s a Wi-Fi issue either.

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Is there any way you can post a video of what you are experiencing?

This is what happens…


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Interesting. I wonder if it has something to do with the music services you are using. You should try removing BBC Sounds or myTuner Radio from your music services to see if it makes a difference.

This erratic scrolling behavior I have seen for at least a year. Making use of many items on iPhone very difficult. 

Hugely frustrating. Try to get to ‘Artist’ search tonight took about 5 minutes.