S1 & S2 Controllers with Windows 7

  • 30 January 2024
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Some time ago I finally gave in to Sonos pressure and upgraded to S2 via my Android Tablet.  This gives a limited operation of Sonos.  However, I then found that the S2 App will not load on two of my Win 7 machines, the operating system is deemed incompatible.  (A third identical one is perfectly ok).   Worse still, Sonos 1 will now not load anywhere because my system is no longer compatible and I must upgrade to S2,  which cannot be done.  

I have tried to downgrade my old Play 1 s  and Soundbar to OS1 but cannot get this to work.   Very frustrating.  And No, I do not want to upgrade to Windows 10.  

If there is any solution I will be glad  to hear it.  



1 reply

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Give up with that PC before it is totally overwhelmed with malware, or at least disconnect it from your network: you have an Android device, use that for your Sonos.