S1 app won't allow me to downgrade Move speaker to S1 from S2

  • 13 May 2024
  • 1 reply

I have an array of S1 compatable speakers and amps. I just purchased a Move speaker (not the Move2) as you can convert it to be compatable with ios S1 app. The problem is the option to downgrade within the app seems to be unavailable at the moment. How can i downgrade the move speaker?

I have tried setting up the speaker in S2 thinking i might be able to downgrade it there and then delete the app and seach for the speaker but can’t find the function in the S2 app either.

Any help of advice greatly apprciated.

1 reply

There is a longer thread about this relating to downgrading a Port. Apparently the latest batch of updates has removed the ability to downgrade as I just learned the hard way after wasting an hour.