"Room Settings" no longer on my "Settings" page

  • 18 February 2017
  • 9 replies

After updating the app today, "Room Settings" disappeared from my Settings page. I can no longer adjust anything. Does anyone know what's going on?

Best answer by Stuart_W 19 February 2017, 20:17

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9 replies

Three common causes
You are in the beta and are using an iOS device
You have updated your app but not the speakers so have mismatched versions
Your device operating system is now only partially supported.
Any of those look plausible?
The first one. I'm in beta using an IOS device.
I just launched the app on an Amazon Fire tablet, still no go.
Amazon fire also doesnt work in beta. You should probably leave the beta
Thanks for all your help. I'm not sure how to "undo" the Beta. Do I need to contact customer service?
Always amazed when I read these. Could Sonos' warnings on the Beta install page be ANY more prominent? It says exactly what will happen on certain devices. Do people simply not read?
The invitation to join the Beta group came in the middle of trying add a Playbar and Boost along with a Sonos App update. I was trying to connect HDMI cables, refigure my router, and gerrymander everything in tough physical environment. Sorry to disappoint you, chicks.
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The public Beta is NOT by invitation. YOU have to specifically register on the Sonos website.

You need to log into your Sonos account. Navigate to Beta and remove yourself from the Beta. THEN, tun update on your system
Stuart are a Rock Star! You've helped me at least once before. Your advice was right on. The LAST thing I wanted to do when I was join Beta in the middle of an installation. I could have sworn the invitation popped up, but I may have navigated to the wrong place. Thanks for your patience.