REQUEST: Recently played list

  • 2 June 2016
  • 2 replies

With a large library and using a half-dozen services, having a recently played, maybe by album, would be really helpful.

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2 replies

+1 probably some will say that the queue does this sort of, or use but a separate list that tracks the actual played, even over radio stations would be a cool feature.
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I'd love to see this - and I'm not as much interested in last played songs but much more interested in radio stations.

A common use case for me is I'll be playing a station and then decide to watch some TV. I have my system setup to auto switch to the TV when input is detected. Once it switches to the TV, I lose the ability to see what station was playing. On accident, I'll turn the TV on and that will auto switch the sonos source and then it's impossible to get back to the same station unless I happen to remember the exact name. Favoriting the station is not a solution as I'd eventually end up with an unmanageable list of favorites.