Request: Distinguish between explicit and clean versions

  • 12 January 2017
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When browsing (Spotify) albums & songs, it is common to see the same album/song listed twice. This is most often because one version is explicit and the other is clean. Unfortunately there is not usually an indication to let you know which is which. *Sometimes* the album art will have the "explicit" label on it (albeit tiny), but not usually.

If it's helpful, I always want to play the explicit version. I find it extremely annoying to play an album only to get 2 minutes into a song and realize things are bleeped/altered.

Would love for someone to tell me there's already a way to see the difference, but I can't find one.

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4 replies


The real insanity here is at the streaming service level… Should be one, account-wide switch that only displays Explicit or Clean versions for one's entire account depending on setting. Most users/listeners just simply are not cherry picking a clean version of this, an explicit version of that — suspect there's many more listeners dealing w/ the annoyance you describe above (inside and outside the Sonos system)!

Any updates on this? A system wide switch would be very helpful, as it is now impossible to distinguish explicit from clean on Tidal sonos streaming
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Actually, on occasion I do cherry pick between explicit and clean versions, depending on circumstances. For example, if I'm listening to music outside where neighbours may hear or if I have friends with children over.
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With Spotify, when browsing the tracklisting you do get the little "E" symbol. But nothing to denote which version is which on the list of albums. Sometimes they (thankfully) only have the proper explicit version. As a random example, go do a search for "Eminem" and check the many versions of "Relapse".

I'm assuming that this is all dependent on whether the artist/label/Spotify/etc bother to tag songs as explicit. Even between different versions of the same album, there's no guarantee that the special edition will list the same songs as "explicit" (eg. first RATM album on Spotify).