Rename speakers.

  • 10 October 2017
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Have turned two separate rooms into one. How do I remove two play one’s which were in one room and add them to a playbar and two other play one’s in the now one room?

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6 replies

I am afraid your question doesn't really make sense. You cannot turn two rooms into one so could you explain what you mean please? If you have given two rooms the same name then that is a recipe for confusion.
You can physically make two rooms into one, by knocking the wall down that separates them!
Previously, in one room were 2 play one’s in a group called Lounge. The other room with the playbar and 2 more play one’s is called Living Room.
I now want to re-name the two which were called Lounge and add them to Living room?
I think your problem may actually be confusion between physical rooms and Sonos 'Rooms', which are just labels for speakers, or carefully defined combinations of speakers.

You cannot have a group named anything, so I am going to guess that you mean a stereo pair named Lounge. Nor can you add the Lounge P:1s to the existing Living Room 'Room'.

What you CAN do is group Living Room and Lounge so that they play together. Their physical location is irrelevant to Sonos.
Thanks John B.
Not confusing real with ‘Sonos’ thanks for the reply.
A "Room" can be the following:

A single Sonos unit (Play:x, Playbar/Playbase, Connect or Connect:Amp).

Any single (except the Connect) + Sub.

Two like Sonos units paired as stereo (2 Ones, Play:1s, Play:3s, or Play:5s).

Any stereo pairs + Sub

A Playbar/Playbase with 2 Play:x or Connect:Amp as surrounds, with or without a Sub.

That's it. You cannot have a Room with Playbar+Surrounds+ 2 more speakers. What you can do is have two rooms defined as above and temporarily group them to play together in sync.
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I'm also rather confused as to what the issue is and suspect it is really down to a conflation of the terminology between rooms and groups and what they mean to Sonos and what they mean to us in our houses. I have made a really ugly sketch which I hope may help