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  • 20 November 2022
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The Sonos app seems to have been updated and has put Sonos radio at the top of my search results instead of Spotify. How can I revert back or better still remove the Sonos radio all together?


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16 replies

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I would think under settings, then services and voice.. then should list the music options. Delete Sonos radio. 

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Sonos Radio cannot be removed. And you can’t change the order of the search results. The order goes like this:

  1. Local Music Library
  2. Sonos Radio
  3. All other music services in alphabetical order
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First time I opened the app after the update I got a pop up ad from sonos, and sonos radio at the top of my search results. I immediately started looking for alternatives. Innovative turned greedy…

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Why? As I recall Sonos Radio can be used free of charge…

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Why is user behaviour for Sonos Radio not configurable?

I do not want Sonos radio first in the result list when searching for music.

This is so very annoying especially as it seem to be an intentionally marketing decision rather than a technical issue.

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I agree, I do not want Sonos radio and have never signed up for it. My music I pay for gets lost down the list when I search!

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This is an anti user change. There will never be a time when I want to listen to Sonos radio (I don’t listen to the radios for any streaming services. All it is for me is an annoyance.

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Sonos, LISTEN UP. Allow people to REMOVE Sonos Radio. This is sucky greedy behavior and makes me want to move away from Sonos services and hardware.

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Not being able to remove this is garbage - are you trying to drive people away? Sure, put it in there for a default install, let people try it out, but then LET THEM DECIDE for themselves whether it is something they want to see in THEIR system. It is just an annoying advert for me, one that irritates me every damn time I see it because I know I can’t remove it. Is that really the kind of customer experience you want people to have? 

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Another vote for consumer choice. I do not use Sonos  radio yet it now comes up first. Grrrrrr. Come in Sonos, listen to us! I’d like to fully remove it. 

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The option to remove Sonos radio should definitely be there, it's beyond irritating to have it shoved in my face every time I search for something. If it has to be there, the option to pick an order for your services (something that should also be a standard option) so you can put it below other services should be developed urgently.

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Hi @Squangley et al

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thank you - I've marked this thread as a feature request and it will be seen by the relevant teams for consideration. Keep the ideas coming!

I’d also love a checkbox or something of the like to hide Sonos Radio, that way the focus is more on the services I feel more comfortable using.

I can certainly understand having Sonos Radio as a default option to drive adoption of the service. However, those of us that have tried it and prefer other services, it would be much better UX to allow us to optionally change this behavior (either by checkbox disable or a search reordering option).

Thanks for the consideration @Corry P !

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I seond this. Remove Sonos Radio from my search results, it’s deeply annoying. 

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+1 from me. I don’t mind Sonos Radio hanging around, but I really want to have my Apple Music search results at the top of the list. It makes no sense to show Sonos Radio results first when I’m searching for an artist. 

I only use Apple Music, don’t want any other service playing through my Sonos setup.  This new way of bypassing my preferred service (that I’m paying for) is anti-competitive and anti-customer.  I HOPE that this is a glitch and Sonos quickly adds an option to prefer one streaming service as default ASAP.  If not, I may seriously return this entire Sonos setup..