Reinstalling Entire System

  • 12 August 2014
  • 2 replies

How do I reset the entire system and re-register each component? I am having issues with my WiFi and just installed a new router and I would like to start fresh again.

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2 replies

There is no need to reset every unit after changing a router.  Anytime you replace a router, you should perform a full system reboot to make sure there are no IP conflicts. Do the following:

Shut down all on this list, then re-power, in this order:

Switched and hubs
Wired Sonos components
Wireless Sonos components
NAS if you use one
Everything else (computers, printers, etc.)

Wait until the component is fully up before restarting the next on the list. This will assure that all IP addresses are legitimate.
The reason he has to send this message is that what you're suggesting is actually more work than reinstalling. I don't understand why you have messages for new router that don't work with all systems. It's incredibly frustrating and doesn't make any sense. I have spent hours wondering why I can't access my preferences, wifi settings, etc.