Recover Saved Over Playlist

  • 1 September 2017
  • 1 reply

I have been creating a playlist of all the albums released this year so far. I started a new queue to add this week's releases and accidentally saved that over my existing playlist, which had about 2000 songs in it. Is there any way to recover an old version of a playlist rather than me start the whole playlist all over again?

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1 reply

Not that I'm aware of, sorry.

The only potential would be in the unlikely case that you'd disconnected a speaker before your overwrite, and haven't connected it again.

If that were, by any chance the case, you could disconnect all your speakers, hook back up the one that had been disconnected for the process, and it would have the old playlist on it. Then you could add back in your new speakers to the existing system, by factory resetting each before adding it. That would propogate the data from the "old" speaker with the original playlist to all of the "new" speakers.

It's a good argument for the ability to backup and restore playlists in the Sonos ecosystem, but unfortunately that doesn't currently exist. .