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  • 7 September 2012
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I would like a method to keep track of recently added music. I used to do this with my CD's. Instead of immediately filing new CD's with my existing CD's, I would leave them in a pile next to the CD player for a few weeks. The new music would get heavier play than my older CD's. I used to leave them out until I had listened to them a number of times. It would be nice to create an electronic way to do the same thing.

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67 replies

I agree, surely this is a very simple thing to integrate as the data is already there.

This is the only thing that drives me nuts about the Sonos, every other part is nailed on but this really grates with me.

I have 4 hours or so on a Sunday in which to listen to new music, but I end up listening to it at my desk as I have no way of knowing what is new once I'm downstairs.

Please sort it!

Yes! Please add this future!
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This is a regular annoyance for me.
Everything on Sonos works fine except for one thing: recent added songs. That's a lack Sonos should be ashamed of... This really should be a basic feature, why does it take so long to implement it???
oh yes it is an essential duties, function!
I of agreement, why is they do spend time as much has to implement it?
The application “DS Audio” for my NAS synology has this duties, function and it is really practical….

Let us cross the fingers!
Don't hold your breath..Sonos state that your opinion matters - it doesn't.
Regardless of the present and future feature set, there are a couple relatively simple workarounds:

First, one can exploit the Folders view of the Music Library if new music is kept in a "NewMusic" folder. This is a separate view and does not interfere with any of the "Tags" (Artist, Track Title, Genre, etc.). After a while the tracks can be moved to their final location.

Second, one can use 3rd party applications to build playlists of arbitrary complexity. In this context "New in April", for example, is quick and easy to build, maintain, and use. Imported Playlists will be brought across as the Music Library is updated.

Yes, I know that some will object to the "extra steps" required to maintain either of these schemes, but I don't think that any such built-in feature implementation will satisfy all contingencies. Using either or both of the above schemes is an easy path to have it your way.
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The fact that this is still not a feature is pretty befuddling, but felt compelled to add a suggestion for all the folks frustrated by this. I installed an app on my Android tablet called ES File Explorer. There are a few apps that handle this function, but it seems like a good one. It allows you to browse network drives just as you would on a computer, including the option to arrange folders by date. This at least provides a convenient way to view all the folders with newly added music. It is still frustrating that this is not a Sonos feature as I feel it is a fundamental and primary function that should have been in place with the Beta 101 version...let alone the current fully developed app...but a file browsing app has proven to be a workaround by toggling back and forth between the file exploring app and the Sonos music directory.
please add this feature - willing to pay 🙂
Hello Sonos? Anybody out there listening to this issue? It's basically just displaying files' metadata - how hard can it be?
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Come on Sonos sort smart playlists out. And whilst you are at it add the year to the albums/songs so you can view in date order. Such simple features. There are a lot of crowd funding speakers on the way, if the right features are implemented that's it with my Sonos system, they don't seem to listen to their customers at all. 3 years ago this was suggested and its a basic feature.
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Thanks for the suggestion guys. We'll pass it on to the team for you, but no news on the future to announce right now. We'll let you know if there's any update.
Extremely useful and needed feature. I know, you don't care for most of ideas and even bugs, but I still hope, you understand, that ignoring customers is getting dangerous nowadays, when there are better products out on the market already. Come on, Sonos, stop being blind.

Extremely useful and needed feature. I know, you don't care for most of ideas and even bugs, but I still hope, you understand, that ignoring customers is getting dangerous nowadays, when there are better products out on the market already. Come on, Sonos, stop being blind.


I'm curious . . . could you list the "better products out on the market already" that have a "Recently Added Music List" feature?
I'm amazed that this very basic feature still hasn't been added. I purchased more Squeezebox booms, I am selling my Sonos gear and I couldn't be happier to be back with the Logitech Media Server. It offers way more flexibility with streaming bitrates, etc. It offers more features, more control, and the boom sounds better than the Play 5s in my opinion.

Indeed John, I switched from Squeezebox to Sonos few weeks ago, because Logitech is no longer continuing Squeezbox productline. I miss so many functionalities on Sonos now that it hurts.
Another vote for what I think most would consider an essential feature. It's available in every other music player & service and is incredibly frustrating that it's missing from the Sonos environment. I had it in my 10 year old Squeezebox, I use it in iTunes, heck Winamp probably had it back in 1998. Please pull this from the backlog and get it in an update quickly.
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id just like to add my voice to other on this thread that a 'recently added' tab would be very useful. like many others, i play particular attention to music ive recently got my hands on and it would be great to be able to short cut to items added within 1 day/1 week/1 month.
Comeon Sonos hurry-up adding this feature!
You think you are already there? Looks like you can't pull it off!

Sorry for being sacastic. But think about it more than 2 years ago this was requested and even akknowledged that it would be a good improvement.

Just do it!
+1 for this feature. There's a recently added item in the playlists part of Apple Music, but it's appears to only be recently added playlists ...
Created an account only for the purpose of voting +1 on this one.

If you're managing a music library, it's very common you want to listen to the latest stuff you added to the library. Please make this happen.
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+1 most of the time, I go to iTunes to see my recently added albums, would be amazing if you could do this within the app.
+1: Another user with a lot of Sonos hardware who would really, really like to see this supported. Having to go back and forth between iTunes and Sonos to be able to find and play recently added albums has gotten very old. It's inexplicable that this isn't supported in an otherwise-polished ecosystem.
+1 ... me too. Would a list of recent library additions, as well as recently played list for streaming services,
yeah honesty it is kind of bonkers that this doesn't exist yet. recently started building up an mp3 library (streaming quality just suffers a bit), and there's somehow no way to do this?? Does anyone have any hacky ways of making a recently added music playlist or folder?
Just use any music manager to make a playlist. All playlists, both iTunes and .M3U located in the share path are imported by Sonos. Use an .M3U playlist and you wont even have to reindex when you make changes.