Random placement of tracks into queue

  • 25 November 2023
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I have noticed many times now that when on my desktop and i'm adding songs to the the queue from my library and choose them to add them to the end it places them at random spots in the queue instead of actually putting them on the end/last. 

What's up with that? I now have to look them up in the queue and manually drag them to the end. 

What could be causing this? 


-Edit- I just selected 2 tracks at the same time and added them to the queue and they got placed at different spots apart from each other….🤔


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3 replies

I think this may perhaps happen if you have opted to shuffle the queue - maybe try it with the queue-shuffle feature switched off.

Note too, that if you switch off the queue-shuffle option. the added tracks should then appear at the end of the queue. That will (hopefully) save you from having to search for them.

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Thanks, That seems to have fixed the problem indeed! 


I do think it's weird behavior though, imo to the end of the queue should mean to the end of the queue no matter if shuffle is on or not. 


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