Please note that the original iPhone 4 (not the iPhone 4s) and the 2011 Kindle Fire are unable to update to a compatible software version.

  • 19 July 2017
  • 2 replies

so my Kindle Fire which sits in the kitchen and it sole purpose is to control the Sonos from that spot in my house, is now useless.
I get that it is an old tech product, but at least it had a life and purpose until now.
How about letting us run the last version of you SONOS app without all the new updated features, which makes my Kindle Fire extinct.
Can you please release or sign the old app for our older technology devices to work?

I have invested in SONOS to the tune of 3K+ throughout my home, would be nice to let old technology run.

Am I the only one that repurposes old technology to work in the modern day?


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2 replies

No it is not unusual; in fact that is the best way to use older tech responsibly rather than consigning it to a landfill. Third party controllers such as Sonopad etc. work fine on older devices.
good to know ... will repurpose my older iOS device, if I can find it, lol

Sonopad works for iOS devices, unfortunately, the Kindle Fire 2011 is Android ...

go figure,