PLEASE add "Artist Radio" to the Tidal app on Sonos

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PLEASE add "Artist Radio" to the Tidal app within the Sonos app. It's not there that I can find. Also I can't save a "favorite artist" from the app either. I can do both of these things from the Tidal webplayer, so they're there. Thanks!!!

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I share the desire for this feature. Sonos and/or Tidal, please consider adding it.
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Please considering adding this to sonos
I totally agree, this is a deal breaker for me. The ability to run similar artist radio exists on the Tidal site but not on Sonos. Sonos has it for Deezer but not Tidal. Iwant to like Tidal but will have to switch back to Deezer if this is not available.
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Yes, very important missing functionality!
It's misleading for Sonos to present Tidal as being the perfect service to use when it lacks artist radio functionality. I was told to return my Sonos 1 if that was important to me.
If everyone's idea of "perfect" was the same, there would be no need for choices in any aspect of life. SONOS offers a generous return policy if it turns out not to be "perfect" for your use.
this is a critical feature that needs to be added. if this feature needs to implemented by tidal, then sonos must QA these services, ensuring the sonos brand is being well represented; not offering diminished services that in the end only tarnish the sonos brand.
This is still not available.. why Sonos. Why.
Rather sell you a new speaker than enhance your experience.
With 9 posts in 2+ years, I'd concentrating on better ways to increase the profits of my company too. Even it if it wasn't up to the service itself to add these features in the first place.
This is a work-around to play Tidal Artist Radio (probably Spotify too)

Open Tidal App on iPhone
Select Artist Radio (or any other play format, for that matter)
In the bottom left corner, hit the 'AirPlay and Bluetooth' tab
Sonos outputs should appear in the menu, select one
Music will play via Sonos and room selection, volume all controllable via Sonos App. Queue will not be visible via Sonos app but will be in the Tidal app.