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  • 20 January 2021
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I use airplay and on the Sonos Roam, Move, Arc and Beam this is still not possible. 😔

I don’t understand. When using AirPlay 2, you’re using someone else’s software, and the Sonos is merely a receiver of data. Whatever features exist in the other company’s software should be working.

Do you have an example of an app where the speed function isn’t working when you’re using AirPlay 2?

Sonos, you HAVE to get this feature added. The fact that it’s been posted for years with nothing doing is ridiculous. I Airplay podcasts and audiobooks just for this feature, but would love to do it all through your app. 


How is this basic feature still not available? Does Sonos care about their customers at all? 

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I would like to express my desire for this functionality too. It can't be that hard to implement one would think?? 

I now listen to podcasts on my laptop or phone instead of my Sonos speakers because it can't handle speed up. 

I just created an account for the first time to request this feature. Literally could not believe that it did not exist. my $2k setup is half as useful as I thought it would be when I purchased it. Has anyone found a workaround solution yet??

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

I use PocketCast to listen to podcasts. On the PocketCast app I set playback speed to 2x. But when I connect it to Sonos it only plays back at regular speed. How can I make the Sonos play it back at a faster speed?

I would also like to echo that this is an extremely desirable feature. I frequently find myself listening to podcasts through my phone speaker even though I am sitting right next to a SONOS speaker and have connected pocketcast to SONOS. The reason for this is 100% because I can't choose playback speed on SONOS.

Sonos, you HAVE to get this feature added. The fact that it’s been posted for years with nothing doing is ridiculous. I Airplay podcasts and audiobooks just for this feature, but would love to do it all through your app. 


it would be great if they provide that features in app as well, either i also miss the echo feature that increase the charm in audio.

ok great effort, more power to you.

Could anyone at Sonos chime in with an update on where this feature is in the development process? Is it even on the roadmap at all? 

Unfortunately, Sonos never publishes that data to those of us in the public. That being said, it’s been a request at least for 10 years, I doubt very much that we would see it any time soon. I’d love to be proven wrong, though. 

Yes, some of the lack of support for these basic features, really is very poor. I really regret buying a Sonos speaker in the past and I never would again, just connecting  and getting them to work is abysmal. I choose to use my phone speaker rather than a Sonos speaker due to how rubbish Sonos are as a company for just basic usability. 

It’s odd. I’ve used my Sonos system for well over 10 years now, it’s worked flawlessly through many, many environment and setup changes, and is infinitely better than any phone speaker I’ve had. And now that some Sonos speakers support Bluetooth or AirPlay 2, my playback options have significantly increased over time, although it does occasionally require some creative grouping of speakers. But I researched the feature set I was buying into, so was aware before purchasing that multi-speed on audiobooks/podcasts was not available. Which is why those other methods of connection became useful.

Add me to the list of people who made the silly assumption that high end speakers would support a very basic function. So dissatisfied.

Agree, this should be a basic option...

Agreed, wholeheartedly!

It's disappointing that this is a 3yo request.

Duplicate post.


@Annazel S can you or other Sonos rep please provide update? There's clearly appetite from podcast listeners. When listening to podcasts and audio books being able to listen at accelerated speeds and remove blank space etc is critical feature. Given you partner with PocketCasts for integration and their app has all these features.....surely the two companies engineers could collaborate to get it into the sonos API & App ASAP????

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Nobody that doesn’t work for Sonos knows the answer.

Anybody that works for Sonos that releases unapproved information is in deep trouble.

You might write to the CEO and see if you can get an answer from the top.