Pictures for Custom Radio Stations

  • 14 April 2017
  • 3 replies

I have a subscription to Soma FM but only a few of their streams are freely available in Tunein so I have added them to My Radio Stations. However, I would like to see the pic that comes with the url, anyone know how I can add it? I presume there is an underlying database that might be accessed, scuse the pun.....

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3 replies

You can't. I agree it would be nice if you could.
How do we start a request to add pics to next release i wonder? When they scrape bbc radio , there must be a field associated with the image so it shouldn't be too difficult to sort out.

Would be really nice bearing in mind the 'pro' login gives you access to high quality streams.....

cheers for the reply
Sonos staff monitor all threads, but this is anyway a long-standing request from days of yore.

The station logos come from TuneIn. They're not derived from the stream itself.