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Hey Guy's,
I'm experiencing the following issues.
I had a setup with approximately 9 devices, I want to give some device to my son.
But the first problem occurred when a factory reset the boost.
I'm trying to connect it in his house, but it won't connect.

When I logging in my account I see the boost in my list, Is that the problem from not connecting?
How to fix this,

Thanks in advance


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No. The fact that the BOOST is still registered to your account/email is a symptom, not a cause. It will be removed from the list once it's been registered to a different account.

Presumably you're trying to set up some players for your son, as well as the BOOST. Wire the BOOST to the router. Power it up in factory reset. Power the players up in factory reset too. After a short while you'll see all the LEDs flashing green.

Reset a controller app, then build the new system starting with the BOOST. Basically follow the directions you're given.
Thanks for you quick reply Ratty,

I took an Play5, and the Boost as well. Resetting the boost and the play5.
When I power up he boost after the reset the light flashes green, which looks good.
Then I press the connect button, and my iPhone says something like 'connecting'.
During that phase I see white/amber light for a short time, then its solid white....
This takes some minutes, and then the message is 'failed to connect'?

Where's my mistake?
The BOOST is wired to the router? Make sure the iPhone has 'WiFi assist' disabled. This can cause issues.
The boost is wired to the router, and wifi assist is disabled.
Try starting the setup by wiring the reset speaker to the router instead of the Boost. Any component can be used to establish a 'Boost' set up. If this is similarly unsuccessful, try powering off the router, wait 30 seconds then power on again and have another go at the setup.
Hey John,

My goal is to setup a Boost network instead of a normal network.
According to the manuals the first step is to connect the boost.

And that's the point where things go wrong. I can easily connect the play5 to the wifi network, but I can't connect the boost, not as first device nor as second device after connecting the play5 to wifi?
So the PLAY:5 is set up okay. What happens when you wire the PLAY:5 to the router and attempt to add the BOOST wirelessly? What happens if you wire them both?

Unless there's a fault with the BOOST this is beginning to sound like an IP conflict. In that case a full network restart is in order.
I gonna give it a try, but I have to wait to his evening to go to the house of my son ☹️.
Can I try something at my home?
Something like add the boost as an extender?
You could always factory reset the BOOST and try to add it back to your own system. That would at least exonerate the BOOST.

Don't forget to factory reset it again before attempting to add it at your son's place.
Hey Ratty, good morning by the way,
I've reset the boost again an added it to my system, no problems.
I had to add the boost as a not wired device, because my setup had already a connected device.

But that works fine.
In that case the BOOST is in the clear.

Restart your son's network in its entirety -- all the devices not just Sonos. Factory reset the BOOST again and hopefully it should add okay.
Oké thanks I'll give it a try.

Is the right way to go: first connect the play5 (wired), then try to add the boost to the network, and after that change the wired play5 with the boost.
So in the end the boost is wired and the play5 is wireless ?
That should work. In fact any way should work.
Hey Ratty,
Back from my sons house after trying all the steps we've discussed.
But unfortunately no luck.

I've tried everything but as soon as the sonos boost is supposed to register, after approx 2 minutes I see an exclamation sign, and the messages, try again.
What can cause this behavior ?

Any suggestions?

The factory-reset Boost is happy to connect to your router but not your son's. The finger of suspicion points at your son's router. It might help if you posted the make and model of that router. Or maybe you would be best working live on the phone with Sonos Support while you are at your son's. But best see what @ratty thinks.
Wire both the PLAY:5 and the BOOST. If after factory reset the units still won't add cleanly, I'd then look in the router to check if they've been assigned IP addresses. In the end you may indeed need to contact Sonos Support.