Old Sonos super laggy in S2

  • 20 May 2024
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Hi, I have had this problem since before the recent Update. All my devices are S2 compatible. But using the older ones (Play:1) its extremely laggy. Moving the volume slider doesn't do anything for 5-10 seconds, pausing or playing the same. I downgraded all my devices to S1 and it's working perfectly fine. So I suspect my Network is fine. the problem is: The S1 doesn't seem to get any attention anymore. Trueaudio doesn't work, it's buggy. So using the more recent software seems to be the way to go. I reset one of my Play:1 to try it with the new app. It’s a wired connection for now. But I am experiencing the same problems. 

I sent a Diagnostic Info with the number **********. So if anyone from Sonos is reading please check if you can find anything that is causing this in my system. I have tried everything on the support pages (i.e. changing the Wifi Channel….). 


Moderator edit: Diagnostics number recorded and removed (identifying information)

1 reply

I have the same issue which has plagued my system for the last 2 months. Terrible lag in loading the app and using features. I am running multiple S! speakers. My neighbor is having the same issue with his system. I’ve been on a call with Sonos tech support but a once responsive customer service group is now poor. The system was reset and viewed by tech support...the only way to turn it off was to unplug the speakers. Back in service now but still very laggy. I sent another report to Sonos but no response so back to waiting for customer service. All non Sonos wireless devices are running perfectly fine.