Official API for Sonos system

  • 19 February 2013
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Official API for 3th party developers to integrate the Sonos system with web-apps, home automation systems, ...

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19 replies

Love this idea. Was disappointed a simple API wasn't already available.
Please please please do this. Let a 3rd party ecosystem for the controller emerge -- a simple REST over HTTP api on the local network. It really wouldn't take much, and all us linux/chromebook/etc junkies could do our own thing.
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Just about to make a post figured I'd tab through the pages first and here we are. Was hoping for a bigger following but anyway. It would be very nice to integrate even simple commands via 3rd party control systems. Systems like URC, RTi, Elan, and ill stop there lol. Just messing with an RTi iPad app... would be nice to simply begin playback of the connect when I fire off my sonos source macro. Maybe skip tracks, change stations. Hell I'd like the art as well but don't wanna be greedy. Is there a reason sonos doesn't share or want to be a part of integration? You no longer offer the stand alone controllers. I'd like to know why, is it an intellectual property issue ? Lets see some 2 way drivers PLEASE !! 🙂
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+1 With this every app would be able send songs to sonos directly without the need to use the controller. The system only needs to answer "get rooms" with "array('room1', 'room2') and needs to receive the order "play array('room1' => '')" or "play array('room2' => '//nas/music.mp3')" plus streams and media content like "play array('room2' => 'data:audio/mp3;base64,AAAAHGZ0eXBtcDQyAAAAAG.......')". Not very complicated I think. Ok you need to authorize the app first, but finally it shouldn't be much work to implement.
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Great idea especially now that the new v5.0 mess was released..
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Sonos - Please give us the documentation for the 5.0 API.

You've broken the controller app for many of your users, and we're losing confidence that you're even listening, let alone going to do anything about it.

So some of us will perhaps have to try to make our own alternative controller. That would be so much easier with the documentation. If you were feeling helpful you could even open-source v4.3.
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Sonos - please give me a response to this. If it's that the API is not published that's OK, if rather disappointing.

But it would be nice to have an answer.
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I would love to have that feature
Yes, I like this to.
Iam intressed in play specifik mp3s on my Sonos from my HomeAutomation Solution.
Have tryed use the Sonos.exe and I could que up a MP3 from command promtp.

Anyone that have an idea how to play a MP3 from a external API/ program / command please let my know!
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This looks interesting.
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Excellent news!
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Best news ever... If we finally could fully integrate sonos with an open Api in home automation like Crestron !!!!
This is a no-brainer for any modern technology platform. I thought Sonos was one?
I'm using Loxone for home automation and it would be great to have an official API from sonos. At the moment I'm using as a workarround.
Hopefully this won't be restricted to custom integrators and high end (high cost) automation systems. Would like to see it available to, and supported for, mainstream DIY systems like Homeseer etc.
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Sonos already "publishes" their API - its UPNP, easily visible with any "spy" tool eg Intel's Device Spy. Music Services are trickier, but all playback control is via UPnP.
In iPad/iPhone a very easy approach is to call the SONOS App via a URL. One can four-finger swipe back to the control application. This appears seamless to the user and presents very few, if any issues for the control App writer. In some applications this is can be a single line of code (with a button) project. Formal API with pretty code examples or not, duplicating the SONOS controller function is a large project. This is one reason why there are not many companies competing with SONOS. If one simply wants to control Play-Pause-Volume, there are some straight forward commands, but one must first discover the SONOS players or guarantee that the players always use the same credentials. As controlav indicates, if one is familiar with UPnP, this is very straight forward.
Despite it is a 3 year old requst, it is more than up to date.
Such an offical API (e.g. REST service) is required for home automation and integration into customers environment.
Despite it is a 3 year old requst, it is more than up to date.
Such an offical API (e.g. REST service) is required for home automation and integration into customers environment.

Perhaps you missed this:

It’s official. Sonos now integrates with third-party home automation systems. Of course, smart-home systems have integrated with Sonos for at least a decade, but now they have the love and support of the manufacturer itself.

Control4, Crestron, Deutsche Telekom’s QIVICON, iPort, Lutron and Savant are Sonos’s first sanctioned partners.

Paul Williams, VP Solutions for Control4 (Nasdaq: CTRL) tells CE Pro the home automation company has been working with Sonos on the new API for quite some time and an official driver will ship within 30 days.

and this:

Sonos: The Heart of the Connected Home
Sonos also announced the company’s first-ever endorsed partner integrations with connected home leaders Crestron, Lutron, Savant, Control4, iPort and Deutsche Telekom’s QIVICON. These joint collaborations seamlessly integrate Sonos’ sound platform into the connected home, making it even easier for customers to control their music at home, whether from a touchscreen panel, a light switch or a remote control, all with the simple push of a button.