No parental limits or controls? Please say I've misunderstood...

  • 4 August 2017
  • 1 reply

Oh, rats. I just bought three controllers as a test run -- hoping to get two more -- but they'll all have to be returned if there's no way to turn on or off any controls at all.

For example, now that I've installed the Sonos controller, the app offers direct radio access with no limitations or filters at all -- which means I can't possibly allow my young kids to use the app to control their own music to their own bedroom, because when handing them access to all our family's music library on my computer, I'm handed them at the same time a controller for all the radio stations. Please tell me I've missed something here. This makes no sense at all. Even iTunes lets you hide or limit features.

I let my kids listen to my iTunes library... but to stream that same library to a Sonos speaker becomes a visit to the adult book shop. Please, please tell me there's a solution. Otherwise... back to the drawing board.

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1 reply

Quite sure Sonos does not provide any kind of parental control feature as of this moment.