New Sonos App - Looks Nice But Have Couple Operating Errors

  • 10 May 2024
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Morning all. Like the look of the new app and good to see developments.

But I see two issues upon first usage, which would be good to get some help with please:

  1. Significant delay on opening the app on Android 13 on Sony Xperia 1 III. The page opens and says it’s looking for your system (which is all there) but it takes a good 30 seconds to find it. WIFI is very strong multiple wifi6 sat’s and all up to date.
  2. Web Version …. opens and looks good but then says ‘internal error’. Laptop is Win11, fully up to date, brand new and very vanilla high end Dell unit with few apps loaded and all, again, very vanilla run of the mill things … nothing fancy. 

Screenshot below …. can post one of the Android error as well.

Appreciate any help. It’s a new thing and I guess updates are already in the mix to iron out issues. 

Many thanks


1 reply

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Just a gentle bump ….. performance on both android app and web interface shows same issue as original post above …..

Web interface starts up as you might expect but then …. boom, changes as the following screen shots show….


and after maybe 12 seconds goes to this ……



And on the android side …… you start the app (Sony Xperia 1 III on android 13) and the app starts but shows this screen for an age, before eventually starting up as you would expect…..


Just to note, the wifi is an Orbi RBS 853 with 5 wifi 6 satellites …. very strong signal everywhere. And all Sonos boxes possible are RJ45 wired. Only those that have to be wireless are. Internet is a strong 1Gb VM fibre optic ISP. Network is very vanilla and secure. And the older version of the app worked perfectly before the recent update.


Keen to love these developments and think they will come good but right now not great.

Any ideas folks?